OSX – Why I use it and what I use

My First Unix BookI’m a fan of OSX and have been using it personally since 10.0 and professionally since 10.4 or so. I went as far as bringing my own Mac to work 7ish years ago. At the end of the day, I’m a Linux Systems Administrator. I’ve held numerous job titles, but most of them were at smaller companies where the titles were inflated. OSX gives me the power to use powerful GUI and command line tools to get my job done. These are often Free and Open Source tools, but I’ve never been afraid to throw money at the problem either.

My Desk

I’ve been lucky enough for the past year to work remotely for Rackspace as a Linux Systems Administrator, and starting next month as a Support Systems Engineer (aka Lead Tech).  What this means is that I control my work environment and am happy to invest in my tools.  In the coming posts, I’m going to walk through my environment, both hardware and software that make doing my job enjoyable, and also make it easy to balance those non work tasks that need to get done, too!

For the first time, I’m actually excited about (re)starting this blog.  I’ve had this domain since 2002, and have probably started 5 blogs on it during that time.  I think this one just may stick!